52 Minutes (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)

No songs for this band.

"It's kick-you-in-the-face rock and roll," sums up bassist Lucas Hardie. Hardie and best friend Joseph Crossland formed the band in 2001; singer AJ Huffman joined the original four a year later. "At our sold-out shows, as soon as we break into our first song, AJ stage dives into the crowd screaming. He's in your face with the mic, asking people to sing along."

Right from the start, 52 Minutes' high-energy performances and intricate yet powerful songs caught the attention of Halifax's tightly knit hardcore/emo scene. Promoters took notice, too. It wasn't long before 52 Minutes were sharing stages with the likes of Boys Night Out (Ferret Music), Moneen (Vagrant Records), Strung Out (Fat Wreck Chords) and Eighteen Visions (Trustkill Records).